Make A Player Bounce On Platform

I’m making an endless runner where the player moves at a constant force through rb.velocity. But when the player comes in contact with a platform that should be bouncy it has minimum effect. It has a physics material that is set to the correct settings: Both dynamic and static friction 0, bounciness 1, friction combine minimum, bounciness combine maximum. It should bounce te player upwards like a jumpad but acts more like a force absorber instead.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you are always manually setting the velocity to always be a fixed value, this will override any physics effects. To avoid this, use add force instead of setting RB.velocity.

Without seeing some code it’s difficult to say definitively, but it sounds like you are setting rb.velocity every FixedUpdate(). This won’t work, as you are basically overriding the physics system every 60th of a second and it will never bounce - because you are specifically telling it not to.

You could use rb.AddForce(), which would have the effect of allowing the physics system to handle movement, and therefor the bounce. You would then check the velocity, and cap it to your maximum speed (ie: normalize the Vector3 and multiply by speed, or similar).

Physics in this sort of situation is notoriously glitchy. I wrote a platformer where the player controlled a rubber ball and things got really, really ugly really, really quickly!