Make a quad glow on collision?

I want to have a glow effect when a block collides with something in my game, but I’m unsure how.


I literally just want a brief 0.5s glow in a customisable colour.

That’s three/four smaller problems:

o How to make a box glow. As alucardj wrote, maybe hand-make a glow material for the box. Or look up glow effects. You might have a SpotLight that turns on.

o How to turn the glow on/off. This is going to depend on how the glow is made. Won’t be too hard.

o How to change color in a material (or a light, etc… .) This can be looked up.

o How to do something on a collision. Look at OnCollisionEnter examples and rigidbodies. Some use tags (or names) to check what hit them (like only bullets, or anything but the floor.)

o How to time 1/2 seconds. Mostly a programming problem. Also can be looked up. Coroutines work, but are tricky. Standard trick is something like: glowOffTime = Time.time+0.5f; set when the glow turns on. Then, when Time.time>glowOffTime; turn off the glow.