Make a Raycast cause a Knock back

I need a ray cast to detect a collision with a player object and apply a force to the player opposite from the ray cast, and the power that the player is launched away can be changed publicly. Any way to easily set this up without needing to make a script for the the player, and only on the ray cast game object? I don’t need a script, I just need a way that I should approach this. Should I make the raycast create a game object with an Rigidbody.AddExplosionForce, or create an object with a rigid body that follow the raycast at a variable speed, or something else? Just let me know the basic command that would work best, but you don’t need to let me know how to set everything up, because not a lot of people are willing to go in depth with scripts. Thanks.

Get the GO to fire the ray. If it hits the player, then push the GO away from the player.