Make a simple tree

I have, in my opinion, the greatest idea for a game EVER. Sadly i am not an artist. Luckily, good looks is not something I look for in a game. I decided to make my game with simple multicolored cylinders, cubes, capsules, and spheres. This way i don’t waste my time making it look good, i get to get down to the gameplay.

I recently got a book that is teaching me all sorts of new things. One of the things is TERRAINS. I have never used terrains before, and likewise i want to be able to make easy things with it.

I got to making trees. I wanted to make my own trees, (yes i know that there are tons of free trees out there, but they would look a little out of place in a world of spheres and cubes.). So I quickly created a prefab of a brown cylinder (the trunk), and a green cube (the leaves). The Cube is a child of the cylinder.

I created a new tree and put my prefab in the create tree box box. Then my makeshift tree was displayed on the screen in the trees box. all seemed well until i started painting.

Boom i shower a trees here in there and when i went in only the cylinder was there. can you not make trees with child objects??? Is there an easy way i could get around this, and am i doing something wrong.

Thanks for all the help

Quishtay all the way

Combine them into one mesh