Make a sprite display content from another sprite, like a copy


  • TLDR: I have a SpriteRenderer who is displaying content correctly and want this content to be displayed on other sprites | spriteRenderers.

  • More Details:
    So far I have tried solutions with LateUpdate and running
    Destiny.sprite.texture = Source.sprite.texture or

destiny.GetPropertyBlock(_override); _override.SetTexture("_MainTex", tex2d); destiny.SetPropertyBlock(_override);

My best result has been obtaining the starting sprite from Source displayed on Destiny while Source moves on and Destiny stays stuck on that image.

  • Even more details:
    Im capturing a desktop and sending it via NDI. Then the NDI reciver displays it on a sprite. I want to use this sprite(Source) to display what it recived on other sprites. I need to do it this way, because having multiple NDI recivers slows down the process. Please help, I have been stuck with this problem for almost 3 days, and I’m sure it must be kind of easy to solve but I don’t have enough Unity experience.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Update:
    This has been a better result, but I think it won’t help me because the camera render texture loses image cuality and because I won’t be ablo to crop.
    Thread → show-camera-view-on-sprite.497362/

My bad, the issue was that I was trying to get the texture from the Target renderer instead of the Target texture.

I doubt this will be helpfull to anybody :c

Good luck fellows