Make a way to re-use "cooked" content if creator allow

make cooked content can be re-use by marking something in asset file when creator allow other to re-use.


So when u export ur assets, u typically have assets, resS, resource files just like uasset, ubulk, uexp files in unreal, some of which are commercial and some of which are not, but all of these are cooked content (call from unreal editor). if u just want to replace some assets and upload to mod website (allow modding by game dev), most time they will ask u content must be open source bcz no necessary, that’s why i need that function, maybe a little selfish bcz i also need to refer to someone else’s source code, but i think that’s how the mod works, i mean there’s many reason why many mods need to open source.

oh btw uh, why need to install vc2010 and vc2013 when installing unity editor (no matter LTS, release, beta or alpha)?