Make a Website.

Hello guys.

I have a question which may be a bit wrong for Unity answers but I don’t know another place where to ask it and it is an easy one if you know about it.

My question is: How can you make a website that you can write yourself and then does not have any other names in it. I mean: There are sites like npage for example that offer a free website and a kit to make it really easy. The thing is that it’s then called: websitename.npage… So is there a way to make a website which is just www.websitename…
Do you have to pay someone with a server for every month you have the site up or is there a way to do it for free when I write the site myself?

I’m asking this here because I will make a website for my game and I think it looks better when there is no other names in the website’s name.

I hope someone can help and I also hope that this question is not sooooo off-topic.

You can register a domain with someone like GoDaddy and they will also provide hosting services for a monthly fee - there are a lot of choices out there though, I’ve just switched to GoDaddy from another source because they have no bandwidth limit.

You will pay for the registration of the an initial fee and a yearly renewal in addition to the hosting costs. That part isn’t so bad.

You can register a domain and have it point just about anywhere actually - the setup for that is a bit fiddly. For instance my site is actually a domain provided by WordPress and points to - but you don’t see that when you browse to it.

i suggest u ask this on yahoo answers Under computer>Programming and design Since i have no CLUE