Make an animation play over RPC call?

How would I do this, since RPCs cant do animations right? I’ve looked into it and cant find anything. Thanks in advance

You could send the commands as enum,strings, or a custom codec depending what kind of network solution you are using.

By custom codec this would be something like an int or string that you parse out later.
Example in pseudo code:
int mycustomcodec (any number between say 1 and 10)

send rpc with int value 3

remote side receives value of 3

if (rpc value of 3) {“dance”)
} else {“idle”)

You could also use a case/switch statement to break your codec apart which is usually a bit better than if’s for organization and understanding (when you have to come back to it 3-4 months later and wonder what you were doing)

This type of ‘codec’ concept has a wide variety of uses - for example if you make it a string:

rpc send string of “152”

on other end parse your string out to 3 ints (and make sure that’s what you’re always sending or filter out the garbage)

when you peel the first int of 1, that’s what you look like (model choice?), peel the second int of 5 that’s your current playing animation (check to see if its already playing, if not - do it), and peel the third int of 2 and that’s your weapon wielded (and… if its not … wield it).

This is all optional example of course. It can very big time. There are dozens if not hundreds of ways to do it.