Make an Array of Arrays of Textures

Hi guys and gals, this is a tricky question. My goal is to have a folder that has subfolders filled with PNG images. So, this is how I thought I’d approach it…

Make an array. Inside the array is arrays of textures. So, for example, the first array would be filled with 3 images. These would be exported to the directory “Theme 1” and then move on to the next array, these images would be exported to directory “Theme 2.” I have the saving script done, and it changes Texture or Texture2D into .png images and saves them where I want, but I cannot figure out the best way to separate the themes.

I’m using UnityScript. I know you can use System Lists to do this, but then you cannot assign them in the navigator, which makes for lots more coding. Arrays you can simply point and click in the navigator and it assigns them very conveniently, and you can add or remove them with ease.

I’ve Google’d around and found you can, in normal Javascript, do it simply by having double brackets… so Texture[][] but in Unity, this just results in an error.

I’m stumped here and would love a bit of input. Thanks!

I’ve used this structure before in Unity to give me multi-dimensional arrays in the Unity editor. It works pretty well: Visualizing a Multi Dimensional Array