Make an array of scripts?

Hey guys! I know this sounds strange, but i have been working on an RPG that i am planning to release as a complete project for beginners to have a base. I am trying to make everything as compact, performance efficient and easy to understand as possible, but i am having a problem with making something.

I want to make a SINGLE SCRIPT that will be some kind of Quest Manager. Everytime the player talks about a specific thing with a specific NPC, the game is supposed to notify this Quest Manager with an ID. The Quest Manager will then proceed to verify if he has such ID on a list, and then activate a specific quest script based on the list’s number.

Problem is, as far as i know, the only way to reference a script is to use the script’s name as a type itself, so i can’t just code something like public C#Script[] database. So what am i asking is, Is there any way that i can make an array of C# Scripts? Like the normal arrays that you can make with GameObjects or AudioSources for an example. If there is, please explain how would i do it or link a tutorial or something. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

There are many ways of do it:

Way 1: using an interface and that all your classes implement it, and make a list of that interface:

  List<IMyInterface> _theClassesThatImplementsThatInterface;

Way 2: your classes are inheriting from MonoBehaviour?

 List<MonoBehaviour> _theClassesThatInheritsFromMonoBehaviour;

Way 3: Your classes inherit from another class(is the same example that above)

List<MyBaseClassType> _theClassesThatInheritsFromMyBaseClassType;

For populating the list, is like always.

Way 1:

   _theClassesThatInheritsFromMonoBehaviour = new  List<MyInterface>()
          new MyClassThatImplementTheInterface1() { life = 2, name = "hello"},
          new MyAnotherClass() { hour = 3, minutes = 4, seconds = 7}

Way 2

  _theClassesThatInheritsFromMonoBehaviour = new List<MonoBehaviour> ()
        new MyClassThatInheritsFromMonoBehaviour() { Hello = "hola", Goodbye = "Adios"},
        new MyClassAnotherClass() { Casa = Home, Carro = "Car"}

Way 3: the same way of the way 2, but with the class name.

And if you want populate the list Line by line:

   _theClassesThatImplementsThatInterface.add(new MyClass { Blah = "Heeey"} );

That ways are for scripts of multiples types, but if you only want one:

 public MyScript[] _myScript;
 private void Start()
       _myScript = new MyScript[/*Array Length*/];

 private void PopulateArray()
        _myScript[0] = GetComponent<MyScript>();

@Reynarz how can I execute a function inside the scripts of the list? im using the second example