make an item class, that branches into other itemtypes

I want to make an item class in C# to make a basic item, then in another class create a branch item like so:

      equipment                                  Weapons
Item: consumable                      equipment: Armour
      quest items                                Accessory 

and then have each of those branch into other types, so in the end result i can somehow create items/equipment/consumables by modifying values in the inspector.

I dont need an entire project or completed script, but could someone please show me ow to make a class that is the mother class, then a child class that shares the attributes of the mother, and then show me how to link them? i remeber Unreal Kit used to do something like

class Sword : extends Weapon;

Or something very similar… anyways, sorry for the long post, i didnt know if i were clear enough, thanks for reading and any help given. :slight_smile: