Make Audioclips Cut each other off,Make one audioclip play and then get cut off by another one

I’m trying to make two audioclips cut each other off. For example, if sound1 is in the middle of playing and then sound2 starts, I want sound2 to cutoff sound1.

    //do some other stuff

where source is an audiosource and sound1 and sound2 are audioclips. For me, this results in the audioclips just overlapping. How do you make them cut eachother off??

PlayOneShot is for audio clips that shouldnt be interrupted (i.e. Footsteps, otherfoley sounds)

For other ones such as speech or music. Use audiosource.Play(). Make sure you set audiosource.clip to whatever clip you’re trying toplay. If the last clip that was played was called using this method. It will be interrupted.