Make camera look Black and white.

OK know my question is how to make an effect of having not a scene because I actually want to have the scene black(dark) but I want the camera that see all in black and white. If some one don't understand me check Splinter Cell Conviction game.

So as you can see when he is not in the light he sees all black and white but when he gets on the light the screen gets with color so I want to do something similar as that.

Important Note: I got an idea but I need a scripting for this. I am wandering if is there a way to do something like if the color of something lets say sky-blue is going to transform into light gray and have something like this

  • white - 80-100%
  • light gray - 60-80%
  • gray - 40-60%
  • dark gray - 20-40%
  • dark - 0-20%

    if(inLight == false){ /the objectcolor is 70%/ if(/main color of the object is 60-80%/){ /color = lightgray/ } }

Please answer. I will really appreciate it.

Sounds like a job for a Shader. Convert all colors to shades of gray. Google for the various color->gray mappings.

B&W or link textgrayscale image effect is a Unity Pro only feature... however maybe you could try emulating the effect by using black & white or grayscale materials in your scene.