make camera point at the rigt direction


I'm making a game where when a player starts to play a prefab is being instantiated. I have assigned a camera to the prefab as a child. My problem is that the camera is pointing upwards and not in the right direcion and there are no transform options in the inspector. I've tried also this script

var camera1 : Camera;

function Start () {

if (camera1.enabled == true)

and assigned the camera of the prefab to it but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas of how I could solve this?

To see all the inspector options of a prefab you often have to instantiate it in the scene as for some reason Unity only shows the top two layers of a prefab in the project view. So drag the prefab into your scene. Make the changes you want and then either click Apply in the top right of the inspector or drag the scene instance of the prefab back onto the prefab. I've also found that dragging the scene instance of the prefab back onto the prefab in the project view is the only want to change the default transform of the top node in the prefab.

As for your script it might be worth trying the Transform.LookAt() function. Place this script on your camera.

var target : Transform;

function Start()
    transform.LookAt( target );

Thank you for the answer! You helped me a lot. I changed the prefab in the scene and I applied the changes. My only problem now is that the camera falls to the floor. The camera is a child to a character that has gravity applied to it. How can I correct this?