Make ConvexHull Public

Previously ConvexHull was a public type but was made internal in a release. I need access to the ConvexHull.GetSupportingFaces and ConvexHull.Planes members in order to implement a fix for phantom collisions. It would be nice if this type were made public once more or, if this is not possible/desirable, for there to be some other way to access these things. Thanks.

Hi there! Eventually we will get around to opening up many of the types that were made internal when we have proper bandwidth to devote to API design/validation/maintenance, and so on.

In the meantime, it would be a pretty safe bet to make this type public in a copy of the package embedded in the project if those are the only facilities you are using. Definitely come back and provide more feedback though if you find yourself needing to do more involved modifications

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