Make damage screen ui image

Hi friends.I want to display the bloody screen (With UI unity) when it comes to me, and no matter how much my blood feels , the percentage of transparency becomes less, that is, to the darkness (like call of duty) , And now that’s how I can put the enemy’s position in the UI when it’s fired.
sorry for my english type!
alt text

Hello again.

You need to create a canvas, set its render mode option to “Camera Space” so it will be in front of the camera.

Make the canvas with all images (blood) you want at 0 transparency.

Then, you only need to add a CAnvasGroup compoennt, wich allows you to change the alpha value (transparency) of all images in the canvas toghater.

Watch the manual: Redirect to... title of new-page

So, by code, you only need to change this alpha value to 0 (100% transparent) at the start of the scene, and change the value whenh you recieve damage.