make enemy with walking animation shoot and die script help me !!

I am creating a fps of zombies and really wanted a script that causes the enemy follow the player and attack him causing him to die, the tutorials I think the enemies do not have animations, they go gliding, please someone help me with some script ?? My unity is 4.2.2

using Unity
using Call_Of_Duty

Create.Type (“Zombie/Enemy”) = True //Here change to whatever you want to create
AI Type = Aggresive/Enemy // = True Here put the AI Type
Job = Follow&Kill (“Player”) = True //Here put the name of Your player model
Die-Event = Killed Type (“Player”) = True

First persson SShooter = True
Markuss Persson = True
Herobrine = True
COD = True
Coding = True
Events = True

Heres the code It works perfectly!