Make gameobject a child without affecting scale?

Hi there,

my question is whether there is some way I have missed of making a gameObject a child of another object without affecting it’s local scale?


Object A has a scale of 1,1,1 and it is not a child of any object.

Object B has a scale of 1,1,0.5.

At runtime, Object A becomes a child of object B. Currently, object z suddenly changes scale along the Z axis to account for the 0.5 of it’s parent. Can I avoid this change in any way?

The localScale of the object is always relative to the parent game object. When you make an object a child of another, you must adjust the scale of the child object so that it’s scale is now relative the the scale of the parent object. For example in your case, Object A’s localScale should become (1,1,2) as it is 2 times the size on the z as the scale of the parent object.