make gui text disappear.

ok so i have a simple text where it says at the top press WASD to move…blah blah blah… the problem is i want it to disappear when i click on it or make it disappear after a couple of seconds

var time = 10; //Seconds to read the text

function Start ()
yield WaitForSeconds(time);

Put this script on your guiText.

If U want it to disappear when a button is pressed

var Instructions : Transform;


function Start () {




function Update () {

        if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.Mouse0)){ //LeftMouseButton Disables Instructions

       = false;




Just attach it to GUI and Select the Gui (youre Instructions) as the Varible Instructions It will Disapear after the left mouse button is pressed…If you want a other key simply change Mouse0 to the button u want for E.G. F

Hope it helps…

P.S. This is my First Post…