Make instantiated objects do different things.

Hello, I’m making a traffic game, in which when I click the traffic light, the cars will stop, click again and the cars will go again, if any of them hit each other, game over. So far I have had these problems:

  • The cars are spawned from 1 prefab, so if 1 car stops, all stop. And I dont want that.
  • I set up a stop point for them, the purpose of the stoppoint is when a car stop, the stoppoint will move back, act as a stoppoint for the next car, when the light turns green, the stoppoint returns to its original position. I’m having a hard time coding that.
  • I use SmoothDamp and RigidbodyConstraints to make the cars stop, but still i cannot make them look natural. Also, when the stopped cars go again, the new spawned cars usually hit them before them can gain enough speed, I use AddForce to give them speed.
    Please help me, this is my first game, and I’ve been coding it for weeks. Thank you.

Good day.

I see you are little lost… ;D

First, if you instantiate a object from a prefab, this new object, is a completly diferent object from anotherone instantiated int he same way. The prefab is just a “pattern”.

If you want to make changes to the car, you must change the GameObject in the scene, not the prefab.
I don’t understand why you say this " + The cars are spawned from 1 prefab, so if 1 car stops, all stop. And I dont want that."

Then, if you are making a traffic game, maybe you shoiuld learn to use NavMeshSystem, wich does not have Physics interacting in the movement, so is very very much easy! (no adforces, not Rigidbodyes…)