Make iOS build using Multiplatform Toolkit??

Hello All,

I’m working on the Unity project that is for all the device supported by iOS and Android. So, I’m using Multiplatform toolkit provided by Owlchemy.After performing all the required settings we are making the build using Multiplatform → Build → BuildiOS/BuildAndroid.But I’m facing the issue is that all the time it replaces the last build but i want to append it in the last one. So, provide the required support for this purpose. As I’m in the last stage of development of the project.

Hello! In order to do that, look in BuildProcess.cs, and find a line that looks like:

err = BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer (levels, buildPath, target, BuildOptions.ShowBuiltPlayer);

You’ll want to add a new build option to allow appending. Like this!

err = BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer (levels, buildPath, target, BuildOptions.ShowBuiltPlayer | BuildOptions.AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayer);

If you go to the file menu “Build Settings” and hit the button “Build” for iOS then choose the option “Append”. Does this work?