Make isKinematic false when touching a Collider?

I have an issue with my javascript, I want to make non-kinematic an GameObject when another GameObject touch it but nothing happen, no error, etc. This is my Script :

var target : Transform;
var bullet : Transform;

function OnCollisionStay(collisionInfo : Collision) {
		if(collisionInfo.gameObject == 'Bullet') {
		var rb : Rigidbody;
		 rb = target.GetComponent(Rigidbody);
		 rb.isKinematic = false;

thanks for helping me.

Try this for reference (3rd on a Search “unity oncollisionenter”): onCollisionEnter - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

gameObject==Bullet isn’t quite right, and that shows how to fix. You’d have to set your bullets to be tagged (the Unity docs explain this pretty well, and tags are useful.) Or, look for a version that uses “.name”. But then carefully check the bullet names – they may be “Bullet(clone)” if you are spawning them.