Make my script accessable just by its namespace?

Preferrably I don’t want to have to “find” the script or make an instance of it with a singleton work-around to use its functions and stuff, is there any way to make the script open and accessable from another script as if the function was right here, except by namespace?

like if I have mathutils.cs:
class mathutils {
void multiplication(int x, int y) {whatevz;}

And then in another script called gamelogic.cs I’d like to be able to just write mathutils.multiplication(1, 2); anywhere in the gamelogic.cs.

Is this possible? mathutils needs to be singleton, but I’d like to be able to also create instances of subclasses inside mathutils if possible.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Try a using statement.

Also, if you want to use methods or variables without specific object references; that is, using something like:


Instead of:

MyClass c = new MyClass();

Have a look at static members.

On an unrelated note, it’s good practice to use capital casing for your class names (e.g. MathUtils instead of mathutils) to separate them from variables, which usually use lower camel-casing (e.g. myVar instead of myvar or MyVar). It keeps your code neat and prevents confusion later.

You can create the object, not being part of the scene:

class Mathutils { 

  public void multiplication(int x, int y) 
    retutn x*y; 


Then in the other script you can do:

    Mathutils objectMath = new Mathutils();
    objectMath.multiplication(myX, myY);

You don’t need to write the “:MonoBehaviour” in the declaration of the class.

Hope it helps.