Make object move to the beat? C#

I dont know but is there anyway to make it so one of my objects can kind of pulse to the beat, so i have a song with a heavy beat throughout and i want one of my objects ( A logo ) to scale up and down to the beat. Is this possible and if so how? Thanks

I think you could easily solve this by having the GameObject move up and down (or to the side) in a predefined way. If you wanted it to work for just any song then it would get much more difficult and you would have to somehow be able to “parse” through the mp3 to recognize the up beat of the song and then cause the GameObject to move up and down from there. Finally if you wanted something in the middle you could define a class structure in a way similar to this:

class BeatEvent;
     int time_stamp;
     Action beat_action;

Than have a list of those BeatEvents that could be edited in the UI of Unity for any given song

You could start by reading this: Editing height relative to audio levels. - Unity Answers