Make object pass through one object and bounce from another

I have two objects: enemy and wall.
Is there a way to make shell pass through the enemy and bounce from the wall?
As I read, triggers can pass through the enemy collider, but i can’t access collision normal from Collider object. Only Collision object has this data. However I can’t use collider instead trigger, because I want pass shell through enemy and detect it.

Try using an invisible object on another layer that only has a collider and rigidbody and set your bullet or shell to follow it around. Then set the bullet or shell’s collider to be a trigger. So you’d have two colliders, one on the invisible object and the other on the shell.

Just set the collider to trigger and instead of OnCollisionEnter() use onTriggerEnter().

You can set in the projects physics settings what layer can collider with with other layers.
That way you can define that your shell ignores all objects on the layer enemy and does collide with the wall.

Dude i have the same problem, have you solved it? if you have could you tell me how? It would make my day.