Make object visible only through another object?

Is there a way to make an object which does not appear visible except in the viewing space of an object?

For example, say I have a cube, a plane, and a large wall behind that cube. I want the people to see the cube, but only be able to see the wall when looking through the cube, but not through the plane. That's the kind of effect I'm attempting to achieve.

so first you need a texture on the cube that allows for transparency

after that its tricky but you need to specify a few things first

first where the heck is the plane again, at first i thought it was just the floor but you made it seem like it played a role in the action, so please clarify on that

next do you want the player to simply walk by the cube and depending on the angle between the player,cube, and wall reveal part of the wall thats visible at that angle or is it that the player can walk up to the cube and by looking at it the wall is revealed

the first option is going to be ridiculously harder to do the second you could simply set it so that when player walks up to target spot on the cube it switches to a different camera that reveals the wall and when the player leaves it switches back