Make objects appear as they do in the scene window

I’ve searched this for a bit and can’t find anything on it. I’ve imported some fbx objects into unity. I put them into the scene then moved them, they appear in the right place in the scene and game window however when I go into game some of the objects appear in different positions. I have three types of objects, 1. objects that behave how they are suppose to, 2. objects that get shifted along one axis when I try playing the game and 3. objects that stay where they were put originally into the scene no matter where they are moved to after and appear different sizes.

I’d really like to know how to make all my objects fix it so that all the objects behaved like my first group of objects.

Additional info: When I create a new scene the objects that work and don’t work sometimes change. This problem effects all my computers. Default unity objects are never effected by this problem. Objects were converted to fbx files using blender. If I instantiate objects from a script then using vector3 coordinates then the objects appear in the right place.


The answer was to detach the animations which are automatically included when the FBX is imported.