make online chat room

I am in Iran . I have bad speak English .
I want make one Online chat room for my game and I don`t know how to start my work and what function I must use .
I want us that to make RPG game and I think must use code like chat room for transfer data from client and server and in END must compile game to “web player” .
PlZ help me and direct me to sample code for do that .


There’s a specific official working example just for what you need:
It’s not easy, but with some trial and error you’ll certainly be able to understand how it all works.

Can You Explain only Chat code for my . this code need Host or VPS to run ? if yes How i Must config my Host till run “Web Player” :slight_smile: .
Tanks romancel .

Ok . I the final I do make chat room but when I Build Project in " Web Player " in First connect show error massage : Rejected because no crossdomain.xml policy file was found.

Now How I must do :frowning: ?