Make Parts of a Mesh Shiny

is there a way, to make just a part of a Mesh shiny, like Eyes of a character or metalic parts auf furniture?

Or should it seperated meshes?

In my scenario:
I have made a Character with blender, animated and textured (UV Map). Now how i can tell Unity to make some parts of the UV map (Eyes/Claws) shiny?

Use a shader that has specular lighting on the material assigned to those sections. If your entire model shares just one material, create a gloss map texture that defines how glossy each part should be.

Hello guys.

Sorry to post on an OLD thread. But I am looking at doing the same. I have a figure who I would like to have a tight metallic breastplate. (It does not ave to have a different physical shape)

I could take the map into Photoshop and colour it. But would like to have it with real time shine.

Is this possible now with Unity 5 please?

And if so, could anyone give any idea how?

Thanks for any help. :smiley: