Make playback faster.

I've seen animation speed posts but they don't seem to apply ( or I can figure out how the apply to my issue). I have a simple transform that is moving a ball in a arc point by point. I would like it to go faster, it plays really slow. My input is an initial velocity and an angle, using that I calculate the x and y vectors and use the code below to move the object. It would be cool if my initial velocity could equate to m/s and look that way on the screen, right now the ball just creeps along.

Basically, how do I speed this up or make it so when x = 10 it goes 10 m/s?

transform.position = Vector3(x, y, 0);

//Full code

function FixedUpdate () {
// Check if adjustment needs to be made for Time.time the game clock which is always running
if (timeReset == true) {
    // Reset time to 0
    newTime = Time.time;
    timeReset = false;
    yStart = transform.position.y;  //Get initial y position of object for displacement calculations

if (isPressed == true ) {

        // Convert theta and r vector to x y vector 
        xInitial = velMagnitude * Mathf.Cos(newTheta * Mathf.PI/180);
        yInitial = velMagnitude * Mathf.Sin(newTheta * Mathf.PI/180);

        // Displacement x,y
        x = xInitial * (Time.time - newTime);
        y = yStart + (yInitial * (Time.time - newTime)) + (.5 * gravity) * ((Time.time - newTime) * (Time.time - newTime));  // yi+vi*t-1/2*g*t^2

        // Move object
            //transform.position = Vector3(x, y, 0);
        transform.Translate((Time.time - newTime) * x, y, 0);
    } else { 
    isPressed = false;


Hi, I'm new to Unity development myself, so somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you first need to use transform.translate not position. Using position you are telling the object to just "be there" instead of "move there". The next thing is to use 10 * Time.deltaTime which should be exactly what your looking for, 10 m/s. Look up Time.deltaTime in the script reference and the example should be exactly what you after.

So to move 10 meters per second in x it should be something like,

transform.Translate(Time.deltaTime * 10, 0, 0);

This worked. I don't know if the is right or not, but I went to: Edit -> Project Settings -> Time and changed Time Scale to 3 and that worked. Time Scale is the speed at which time progress. Change this value to simulate bullet-time effects. A value of 1 means real-time. A value of .5 means half speed; a value of 2 is double speed.