Make player spawn different places

So ive got a room set up with multiple portals that lead to different level select rooms
(each portal is a different set of levels) There are 16 portals with 8 levels in each. My question is can I make only 1 level select scene with multiple level select rooms? like if you go through portal 1 you spawn at this place in the room. and if you go through portal 14 you spawn here in the same room. I know this is prob confusing but thanks.

You probably want to use PlayerPrefs : Unity - Scripting API: PlayerPrefs

when entering a door trigger :

PlayerPrefs.SetFloat( "Player X", [target.position.x] );
PlayerPrefs.SetFloat( "Player Y", [target.position.y] );
PlayerPrefs.SetFloat( "Player Z", [target.position.z] );

Application.LoadLevel( "Next Area" );


when loading the new scene :

function Start()
    transform.position = Vector3( 
        PlayerPrefs.GetFloat( "Player X" ),
        PlayerPrefs.GetFloat( "Player Y" ),
        PlayerPrefs.GetFloat( "Player Z" ) 

I can’t tell if you are using different scenes or not but if you are you can use prefabs and instantiate in a single level. Also really you just need a data structure to drive this. One that contains the level, possibly scene and the position of the portal/teleport. Then on spawn you can randomize these or select an item that then tells you where to place the player transform, within the same level or a new scene.

I assume by portal you mean spawnpoint/teleport and not an actual portal like this: A simple implementation of portals/warpzones in Unity. - YouTube