Make point lights cheaper in a 2D game?

I’m creating a 2D game for PC/consoles and my points lights are really expensive. 6-7 points lights and my FPS goes down terribly! In the profiler this is due to rendering.

I was wondering, how should I tweak the lighting settings to minimize performance cost? All my points lights can be static, so I should be able to make it much much cheaper. I use the “standard” diffuse sprite shader.

I have already disabled shadows in the graphics quality settings.

I don’t know if it’s directly related to your case but I think of a few things on top of my head :

  • Make sure you’re not using a transparent shader so there’s not a lot of overdraw and useless computing for lighting.
  • If you’re using a custom shadow system (as in, not using 3d shadow drawing but more something akin to SpriteLamp), make sur that the renderers of your sprite doesn’t cast shadow if they are not sprite renderers to begin with.
  • Try to disable dynamically the lights depending if they are visible or not during the gameplay.
  • Fake the lighting by alternate methods, such as masking.

If you could provide screenshots of the layout of the scene, that would be helpful.