Make Quaternion Slerp happen over a 1 second period

Basically, I want my character to Slerp his y axis 90 degrees when the “B” button is being held. When “B” is held, it runs the method “TurnArround(),” and “TurnArround()” runs as long as the “B” button is held. I want the rotation to occur over a 1 second period. I have tried so many different variations with Time.deltaTime to try to get this transition to work, but no luck. Also whenever trying these variations, for some reason my character doesn’t perform any rotation. The only time I get a visible result of my desired rotation is when I make the time perameter = to 1, but the result is an instant rotation, not over a 1 second period. Can someone plese help me with this? I’ve been stuck for hours.

Hey! It’s better to put code as code, not as image :slight_smile:

private float rotationTime = 1f;
Quaternion targetRotation;
Quaternion startRotation;

void StartRotation()
	targetRotation = Quaternion.Euler(transform.rotation.eulerAngles.x, transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y + 90, transform.rotation.eulerAngles.z);
	startRotation = transform.rotation;

	startTime = Time.time;
	currentTime = startTime;

void DuringRotation()
	currentTime += Time.deltaTime;
	transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(startRotation, targetRotation, (currentTime - startTime) / rotationTime);

You can try something like this. StartRotation when button is pressed and DuringRotation until button is held down :slight_smile:

Hello there,

This function here might help you. All you have to do is call RotateOverTime() and pass it:

• The object you want to rotate

• The rotation total duration

• The start rotation (usually just the object’s current rotation)

• The target rotation

        private void RotateOverTime(GameObject targetObject, float transitionDuration, Quaternion start, Quaternion target)
            StartCoroutine(RotateOverTimeCoroutine(targetObject, transitionDuration, start, target));

        private IEnumerator RotateOverTimeCoroutine(GameObject targetObject, float transitionDuration, Quaternion start, Quaternion target)
            float timer = 0.0f;

            while (timer < transitionDuration)
                timer += Time.deltaTime;
                float t = timer / transitionDuration;
                t = t * t * t * (t * (6f * t - 15f) + 10f);

                targetObject.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(start, target, t);

                yield return null;

            yield return null;

I threw in a smoothing functionality, but if you want it to be linear you can throw it away.
For more info on that, you can take a look at this page here.

Hope that helps!



You’re confusing Quaternion.Slerp with Quaternion.RotateTowards. The latter method is the one you are looking for.

transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(transform.rotation, targetRotation, Time.deltaTime);


The third parameter is the rotation step - it limits by how many degrees the rotation should change at a single step, so using just Time.deltaTime might make the rotation too slow. If you want to rotate by 90 degrees over 1 second, use Time.deltaTime * 90.0f.