make rain with sprite sheet in unity2d

hi guys , the sky is full of cloudes now and its going to rain … but Unfortunately i dont know how to make rain in unity2d , should i use from particle emitter or use the rain sprite sheet ,for example a 10 frames sheet from raining
would u please help the cloudes to rain please…

I’m no expert on either, but my gut would be to lean toward the particles, because the system is designed to handle large numbers and batch. Sprites will also batch, but you will have to manually control each sprite (I assume you meant placing large number of sprites on the screen versus a single full screen sprite, as the video memory would not be optimal for that). Whereas with particles, the engine has the scale, lifetime, color features you’ll need built in, and thus more likely optimized. I can’t verify that, just seems like it makes sense.

You could always do what Minecraft does with its rain. This method could use textures or particles. Particles you could do more with (color, emission rate, size, physical gravity, wind), but a couple textures would be easier to render than hundreds of particles. Here is basically what it looks like:

The blue lines could be vertical animated textures or particle emitters. Attach them to the player and cue when needed.