Make similar objects the same prefab?

So i’m making a survival game and I randomly generated trees using Random.Range and Instantiate(), and it was done during playmode. So my question is, is there anyway to make the 1500 trees in my game all the same tree prefab, so if i change something on the prefab it will change it for all the trees?

Don’t use “Instantiate”. Instantiate will just create a copy / clone of the source object. The “prefab link” is a pure editor feature. To preserve that link you have to use the editor method PrefabUtility.InstantiatePrefab inside an editor script. Again the concept of a prefab connection doesn’t exist at runtime. Prefabs at runtime are just off-scene objects that can be cloned into the scene.

For this it might be a good idea to create a ScriptableWizard where you can select your prefab and set all the parameters (number of trees) and then generate them inside OnWizardCreate.