Make something effected by Gravity, but not pushable?

I’m making a 2d game and have crates that I want the player to jump over. Therefore the crates need colliders and should be able to fall onto the platform, but I don’t want the player to be able to walk into them and push them back. Is there a way to to this without sacrificing the gravity aspect and just make the objects “look” like they’re on the ground with a collider and no rigidbody?

I figured it out thanks to Robertbu :slight_smile: I tried that and it didn’t seem to work but then I tried isKinematic and that did work, but also made it uneffected by gravity (which I want so my objects can fall into a realistic position), so I made a script for the objects that sets isKinematic to false, waits x seconds, then sets isKinematic to true. This way they fall realistically, but then can not be pushed