Make sound follow camera on trigger?

I have a trigger set up and I want it to play music when I step on it, it works. But when I move away the music stays in the same place. Is there anything I can add to this script to make it follow the camera?

private var soundPlayed : boolean = false;
var Laugh : AudioClip; 
var volume: float = 10.45;
var LightOff : AudioClip; 
var ObjToDestroy : Light;
var ObjToDestroy2 : Light;
var ObjToDestroy3 : Light;
var ObjToDestroy4 : Light;
var ObjToDestroy5 : Light;
var ObjToDestroy6 : Light;
var ObjToDestroy7 : GameObject;
var Music : AudioClip;

function OnTriggerEnter(col : Collider){ //Play Sound if player enters trigger
  if (!soundPlayed && Laugh) { // but only if it has not played before
    AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(Laugh, transform.position, 10.4);
    soundPlayed = true; // sound will not play anymore
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy2);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy3);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy4);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy5);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy6);
   Destroy (ObjToDestroy7);
   AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(Music, Camera.main.transform.position);

PlayClipAtPoint plays the sound at the defined position - but if you move the sounds remain there. You should add an AudioSource to the player, and play the sound using Play():

    Destroy (ObjToDestroy6);
    Destroy (ObjToDestroy7);

    if ({ // if the player has an AudioSource... = Music; // set its clip to Music...; // and play it