Make sound play at same time as object moves


I have an elevator platform which rises and lowers when the player enters or leaves the collider. I can get the sound to play but it willobly play when the movement has completed.

How can I make the sound play as the elevator moves?

Would I need to use a separate thread?

@ Chr15_v101Hi!

One way would be to start playing the sound OnCollisionStay if is not already playing, and stop playing when the player leaves the elevator OnCollisionExit

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ElevatorSoundScript : MonoBehaviour {

	AudioSource elevatorAudioSource ;
	void OnCollisionStay ( Collision collisionStayInfo  ) {
		if( collisionStayInfo.gameObject.tag == "Player" ) {
			if(elevatorAudioSource.isPlaying == false){
	void OnCollisionExit ( Collision collisionExitInfo ) {
		if( collisionExitInfo.gameObject.tag == "Player" ) {
			if(elevatorAudioSource.isPlaying == true){
				elevatorAudioSource.Stop(); // may be better to fade out the sound before stopping 

Hope it Helps , Regards