Make the camera look at an object

Im making a 3D RPG game similair to fallout in the sense of dialogue.
In fallout 3 if you talk to someone without looking at them,your camera smootly turns and looks at them.
How can i imitate this in unity? Do i have to use lerp on the camera?
I have a camera object attached to the player and i want it to look at the head obj in the model for the person.
Please write in c# seeing as unity doesnt use javascript anymore.

Good day.

You need, first to know whats the final position and rotation of the camera.

Once you know that, you only need to smooth move the camera and rotation with LErp, or Translate and Rotate.

Go look for a tutorial about how to use that if don’t know how.

Good luck!

public Transform target;
public float speed;
public Vector3 offset;

void Update ()
	Vector3 SpacePosition = target.position + offset;
	Vector3 smoothPosition = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, SpacePosition, speed);
	transform.position = smoothPosition;