Make tilemap better

Hello everybody, I’m trying to work with tilemap. There is no any issues, but I want to make tilemap prettier. For example, are there any way to make bordes of tiles smooth like that:

and make borders round like that (without creation new image im photoshop of course)


I’m going to create approximately 100 tiles and I really dont want to create >1000 different borders by hand.
I think, I can use lager sprites with translucent edges, but this way doesnt look good. Maybe u can help me? Thanks.

I was gonna tell you to use translucent edges. I remember testing with it sometime. Try tuning the settings, the size of the translucent edge and how it derivates from one side to another.
As for the borders, the Sprite thats gonna have the texture must have a round edge. You just need to make one more Sprite with the round edge. But when you scale it up so will the edges, and if they get too big, you will need to make another Sprite with a smaller edge to compensate. I’m doing it on my Project and i think 3 sprites is enough (so no problem here).
I noticed one of the sprites has a hole. You’ll have to either place a Sprite on top of another or make the texture with it.