Make unity NavMesh ignore terrain trees?

The navmesh is forming around my terrain trees which in this case are simple bushes which AI should be able to walk through.

Any way to make the navmesh ignore these when baking it?

this was supposedly fixed way back in the 3.x versions, but yes it’s still definitely broken. terrible.

pfff this is killing me. As readed in unity answers, delete all trees with big brush, compute navmesh and then undo, it works .

One work around can be to export the raw terrain data, create another terrain, import the original data onto the new terrain, and use the new to calculate the navigation mesh with the original hidden. Then just delete or hide the new one and the navigation mesh have shaped for the version without trees.

Can confirm this still isn’t fixed in 2019. Able to do a the edit undo method, but that is odd that I still have to use that method.