Make Wall/Glass Damaged

I’m working on a game where the point is mass destruction. The story is the person you care about gets taken and you try to find and rescue her obliterating anything in your way.

I need to make it when a force hits the wall it will become dented or crumpled a bit(Based in space so metal walls, HD) and if a lot of force is exerted it blows through it leaving a rugged hole to walk through.

Next is working with glass to crack/break/shatter depending on the force. This goes for anything glass.

A frequently used solution is to create some damaged versions of the original model, and replace the healthy one when needed - but this may become too complicated or produce bad results when the damage may be applied to random points of the model. For these cases, small damage like bullet holes can be faked by attaching small planes with the hole image to the hit point - that’s how bullet holes are created in the Bootcamp Demo. Another alternative is mesh deformation: if you hit a point in a metallic wall, for instance, you may find the vertices near to the hit point and “push” them inwards proportionally.

In your case, I suppose that multiple models is the best alternative: create several models for each breakable part, and select the most suitable one according to the part’s health level. You can create a prefab for a breakable part with all models, and let only the healthy one activated - when health falls below the next damaged model level, deactivate the current model and activate the next one.