Make wheel collider Horizontal

Hey Guys and Gals,

I want to make a roller coaster that runs off of gravity. I am trying to make the gliders. I thought I would set it up like actual roller coaster gliders (top wheel, bottom wheel, and side wheel). I am having trouble with the side wheels (which are meant to keep coaster on track). I can’t get the wheel to rotate. I tried adding it to a empty game object and rotating it and adding it to a cube and rotating that but no matter what the wheel stays vertical. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok so if I add a rigid body and uncheck use gravity and check is kinematic; I can rotate the wheels but I tried it on a basic “car” on a slope (that worked previously) and the wheels no longer act like wheels. Any thoughts?

I was able to do it in Unity 3.5. Indeed it is not the same in the latest version of unity. Were you able to advance on this?