Makehuman mechanim Finger problem

Hey guys,
I’m new to mecanim and animations… I’ve just imported a character from makehuman + blender to unity and when i attach an animator-controller to the model the fingers are looking very strange:37012-problem.png
Does anyone know a solution for this?
Thanks in advance!!!

I fixed similar problem by adding animation to the remaining 4 fingers. Most free mocaps animate only one (or two) fingers (or none at all)

You might want to see one more thing… that caused me similar problem… Even though mecanim does a pretty decent job of importing rigs based on bone names, it sometimes assigns wrong fingers. eg. index finger to small finger etc… you may want to tweak the assignment.

Unity seems to be mixing up the bones from blender. In blender the bones seem to be correct. If you open the blend file in unity, and apply rig humanoid → configure → mapping left/right hand finger bones are in the wrong locations. You can manually reorder the finger bones, apply pose, and save the mapping and reload the corrected mapping again if needed in the future.