makin' 2d action adventure

hey,how i make 2d game?
iam so confused how to make the platform,sprite,physic,and the other
can you guys give the link where to learn these stuff?

Here’s some tips (assuming your making like a sidescroller):

Set your camera to orthographic.

Place all your objects at zero on the z axis.

Also, make sure fog is off.

For creating the 2D game objects, use low poly planes (whose normals are faced towards the camera).

For sprites, you’ll have to write a simple script to animate the sprite. If you aren’t very good at scripting you can find many sprite scripts on the web for free.

Also, the Walker Boys have a video tutorial series on making a 2D Mario game. You should probably watch that series, you’ll learn a lot.

Hopefully that will get you started making a 2D game.