Making 2D objects solid, so that they do not pass through eachother?

So my issue is that the 2 warriors you see on screen are passing through eachother I want them to meet and then block eachother from going further and attack eachother. They appear to have Rigidbodies and Colliders correct but they just walk past eachother anyway.

The script i have for there movement is spawn at A and move to B until you get there. Is that maybe the issue would they ignore eachother because of the script and just keep moving to location B?

Thank you in advanced!

Hm, I would switch to 3d mode for a quick sec to make sure one is not on a different Z axis/ or layer.
Another thing to try is playing with collision detection (I doubt this is the issue though) .
3rd thing to check is to just make sure the colliders are on the character and not somewhere else in space.

Good luck.