Making a 3D Flight system on android, controls are very inverted

This was essentially the extent at which I was going with this, I have a plane that’s mean’t to rotate, moving up and down left and right receptively.

transform.Rotate(Input.acceleration.x, 0, -Input.acceleration.z);

I just set the orientation of the screen

Screen.orientation = ScreenOrientation.LandscapeLeft;

when I tilt the phone up it turns the plane to the left, when I tilt it down it turns the plane to the right.
Worse is when I tilt the phone to the right it causes the plane to go down, while tilting it to the left causes the plane to go up.

I just need so help it’s the first time really playing with these types of controls, if more info is needed please tell me and I shall provide it.

I do think it may be an issue with the orientations, but I really don’t know I’m new with these controls.

you are probably programming the game in a portrait orientation but playing it in a landscape orientation