Making a 3DS max model solid

Hi, i've just started using Unity and i'm trying to get a .3ds model to be solid in game. I've tried Mesh Colliders but the cottage is all in parts. Ive generated colliders still nothing. What can i do?

I'm not too sure about Mesh Colliders, havent' used them that much but I know they don't collide with other mesh colliders unless they're marked as convex. So depending on what you're trying to do that might not be the best option.

Considering though that it sounds like you're dealing with static geometry and the fact that that's what they're recommended for I'm not sure why it's not working. You could try using compound colliders (about halfway down the page), these are just colliders you stick on gameobjects that are children of the cottage in your case. They won't follow the contours of the object as well but you could build them up to cover all kinds of little protrusions and crevices. That method might be a bit tedious though.

Also, what are you trying to have collide with the cottage? Whatever it is will also need a collider, if it's a mesh collider it might need to be marked convex as well.

You should also check out this thread, sounds like you're having similar issues.