Making a caterpillar crawl on a leaf

Hi. I am very new to unity. And would like to learn this amazing tools. I do know c# coding.

I have a leaf 3d model and a catepillar with crawling animation. How can i make the caterpillar crawl on thr uneven surface of the leaf.

Please kindly guide me on what i should know or do to start off. Thank you and much appreciated.

Is this leaf moving or static? Because this would be pretty advanced stuff. You should probably make it static at first at least.

I started out just trying to make a few basic games, like 2D platformer, top down shooter, Pong, Space Invaders, a car driving game and such.

You can take the 3D leaf object and give it a mesh collider, and it should make it possible for the catepillar to move around on it. Animating it is probably best done in a 3D program like Blender, but if it already has an animation then it should be pretty much drag and drop.

Here is a small video about important a 3D object into unity with an animation:

But you will probably want to have a look here:

Its the official Unity 3D tutorials. For what you are making I would recommend looking into this one:

It has a lot about animations, adding sound effects, controls, AI enemies and such.