Making a Death fall?

HI there im a designer student and im just beginning using unity. I have fps controller that should die when he falls from 8 meters high and more. I dont know how to create death with this fall. Can anybody helps me ? My map come from sketch up is it good or rather very bad ? Thank guys

you can’t use the timer approach that ragnaros proposed if the character is able to jump.
otherwise it could happen that the character dies while jumping up, probably not what you wanted.

You have to have a way of detemening if the character is grounded (eg is grounded if distance to the ground is 0).
Then, whenever your character switches from grounded to not grounded, you take the current height (eg gameObject.transform.position.y).
On going back to being grounded you get the difference between the starting height and the current height. If this difference is greater than 8 meters, you kill your character.

Leave a comment if something isn’t clear.

Im a newbie too to unity, but the way that I would tackle this would be to make a timer to count how many seconds/milliseconds you are in the air (make a bool variable that checks if you’re on the ground or not) and messure how long time it takes to fall about 8 meters. There’s probably a more easy or more “pro” way to do this. But thats what I would do. :slight_smile: